Theft Protection for Firearms and other Weapons

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At SNAGG we understand that gun ownership is a personal and private matter. A vigorous debate currently exists in our society with regard to the necessity to make details of gun property (such as gun serial numbers) available to law enforcement or other government agencies.

While SNAGG does not take sides in this debate, we acknowledge the second amendment that protects citizens' rights to bear arms and realize that some citizens may feel pressured by government to register their guns. As a result, many new gun owners only purchase guns from private individuals thus escaping the registration process. Now what happens once one of those guns is lost or stolen?

That is where SNAGG comes in... Place a SNAGG microchip inside your gun and if it is ever lost or stolen, you just need to alert SNAGG who will send your gun information to law enforcement agencies around the country. SNAGG is not a GPS system, it does not broadcast the location of your gun, instead, it is a simple microchip that reveals a unique code when scanned after the item is recovered by law enforcement, or a pawn shop . This unique code is in turn used by SNAGG or its duly accredited agents only to identify your gun and trace it back to your account in the SNAGG database.

The bottom line is that your valuable firearms can be recovered without having to go through a complicated process of filing records of gun ownership with numerous government agencies. Once fitted in your gun or other weapon, the SNAGG Microchip will durably and legally maintain your proof of ownership and protect your valuable firearms.

Equip your weapon with a SNAGG Microchip: Installation Video

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