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Jason Springstead - February 2014:

After missing for 4 years 11 months, my CT6M is finally home. I still can't believe I got it back. Your help was no doubt "instrumental" in the recovery. Thanks for the help.

Ryan Stanford - January 2012:
"I have Snagg microchips in every piece of musical equipment I own. During the Summer of 2009, I traveled the country as professional touring musician... At one show, my rhythm guitarist's Les Paul was stolen. Thanks to Snagg, we recovered it--Such a great product and company!"

Ian Scott - July 2011:
"Now I have all my 3 beloved guitars tagged and some spare chips for future instruments! Not as good as a real Low-Jack system, but I'm sure it will take a while before we can fit that in a in guitar. Men in Black, any ideas? Also thank you snagg for the step by step slide show on how to install the chips. Very useful."

MikeyInLB - March 2011:
"Totally invisible once installed and really cannot be removed, ever, so your guitar will be the one the cops pick out of a line up of stolen goods! Make sure you have somebody good with precision tools do the job on your valuable baby tho. Snagg has a step-by-step instruction slide-show on the product page to make it easy, but hey, one slip of the drill bit and it's adios finish and hola (permanente) scratchos."

Zshane - April 2010:
"They shipped my order only minutes after I sent it! The chip was easy to install in my Fender Ashbory, I just follwed the instructions from the site. 22 bucks and I can sleep easier. Thanks Snagg."

Bahhumbug - February 2010:
"Finally, an idea that should work to protect my stuff. I have always been disappointed with guitar manufacturers and dealers. The whole lot of them are so disorganized that it is almost impossible for them to keep track of the stuff they sell. Besides, thiefs are clever, but not enough to remove the chip without breaking the guitar. Thats the good part."

BigE - January 2010:
"If like me you have a few prized axes, you need to equip them with that chip. It's cheap and easy to install. I have heard stories of the police being able to catch thieves using the snagg id. My guitars can weep but they cannot talk, now they have a voice, should they get stolen!"

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