SNAGG Privacy Policy

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The privacy of our asset owners is protected. Only a search by authorized Law Enforcement will reveal ownership information for stolen property recovery. If an owner has more than one asset, only the asset being searched will be viewable.

If the asset searched comes up reported stolen, our system will log the entry to protect our owners and efforts of law enforcement agencies. At that point the inquirer will be presented with additional options.

Manufacturers installing Snagg at the factory may use our system for Warranty Information and sale date verification.

We value your privacy as a SNAGG customer, the information you entrust to us is protected with great care in our secure data center using proprietary encryption.

To report a theft, log on to your SNAGG account, select the item that was stolen from your asset list then report the theft directly by clicking the "Theft" button. Enter all necessary information about the event (date, time, location, police case number, officer to contact, etc...).

When you report a theft, your asset is automatically placed in our "Hot List". Anyone coming into its possession will be able to check if it's been stolen (such as a Police Department or a pawn shop). When your asset is positively identified by scanning its SNADD ID, the police or insurance company or other agent can notify you that your asset has been recovered. If the asset is recovered by a pawn shop or other means, SNAGG will notify you. In all cases, your private information remains confidential.

We also encourage you to report any theft/loss directly or to forward police reports.
Please E-Mail Your Theft Report or call 855-44-SNAGG.

When your prized property is missing, every second counts. SNAGG is dedicated to help you manage the theft reporting process and follow up in order to maximize your chances of recovering your property.

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