Snagg Asset Protection GPS

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Snagg's revolutionary new GPS system allows you and law enforcement to locate and recover your assets anywhere in the world!

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Snagg's new GPS asset tracking system is simply the best option out there when it comes to protecting your priceless possessions. Protect your tools, guitars, sporting goods, or vehicles & equipment with this tiny GPS tracking device.  Snagg does not rely on police participation, rather we use an international network of over 500 partner GSM operators in over 175 countries! These GPS units can be concealed in almost anything and track the location on an internet map. We can track multiple items, down to the actual address and house, show path history, or remotely activate our units to a higher update frequency. Our tracking services offer some of the cheapest rates in the market. Contact us for specific coverage questions. Services start at just $49 per year, and that includes a daily email update of your item's location and battery life remaining. 

SNAGG will initially launch with two units that each serve a unique purpose and fit almost every need. The GL200 is a fully-rechargeable unit that can be hardwired to your car or equipment to allow the units to be continuously tracked without charging or maintenance.  The other unit, the GL500, is a stand-alone GPS that can achieve a three year battery life with their unique daily deep sleep mode. Our Three Year Battery Life is second to none when it comes to lifetime use and serviceability. If space is less of a concern, either of our GPS units can have batteries added that will extend the battery life to whatever length you may need, we just enlarge the case as needed.

Snagg is at the fore-front of hardware technology. With two of the best units on the market, we are confident we can fit your needs. We can also customize the server software systems for our parner's needs. If you find a better piece of hardware, please contact us, we are always looking to compare and improve. Snagg is currently looking for select partners to offer Snagg products at the retail level, as well as manufacturer partners. Please contact us for more information. 

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Not So Fine Print - GPS Units rely on our GSM partner network and GPS Satellite availability. Data transmission requires minimal signal when compared with a voice call, so even if voice service is not availble, data service may be.  Snagg cannot guarantee service in all areas. The more heavily populated the area, the higer density our partner towers are.  


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