Computer Protection and Recovery

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Today's computers are not only expensive pieces of equipment but they are also critical to individuals and businesses alike. Whether business data or documents or vacation photos are entrusted to computers, they could be irrepelaceable if the item is stolen, not to mention potentially a business or personal liability. SNAGG's unique secure RFID system enables owners of computers the peace of mind their valuables are protected by a state of the art theft deterrent system with an enhanced property recovery system if their personal property is ever lost or stolen.

SNAGG provides antique owners with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology micro-chip. The RFID Chip acts as a deterrent for would be thieves who know it would be extremely difficult to pawn or sell an antique that has been securely fitted with a SNAGG Micro-chip in addition to the fact it would increase the fact they would be identified as the thieves and subject to prosecution.

How does SNAGG work?

When a customer purchases a SNAGG-enabled other asset, s/he registers it at the SNAGG website for free - it's that simple.

You may purchase a SNAGG retrofit kit that can be installed by you or a specialist. The SNAGG retrofit is a simple operation that will not alter the value, appearance, or quality of your valuable asset in any way - as the SNAGG Microchip is embedded inside your computer case. A modest fee will be charged to install the SNAGG Microchip.

Owners of SNAGG-enabled items are able to manage their assets on SNAGG's secure website. Changes to customer data in the SNAGG database may only be made by registered customers.

Law Enforcement officials are able to access a special section of the SNAGG website to recover details about reported stolen assets ONLY at the request of a registered SNAGG customer. Your asset information will remain private. No other access to the SNAGG database is permitted, under any circumstances, except as required by law (such as legal sub-poenas).

The cooperation of Law Enforcement and related private property protection organizations is a key element in the SNAGG recovery system. SNAGG has enlisted the advice of the California State 2nd Hand Dealer Investigators Association (CSDIA); the National Association of Property Recovery Investigators (NAPRI); and, the FBI's Art Fraud Division in the design of its asset registry.

RFID Integration Services

SNAGG also provides RFID-based integration services for supply chain, logistics, inventory control, and/or materials handling systems for musical instrument and other valuable asset manufacturers.

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