Bicycle Theft Recovery System

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Bicycle theft has been a serious crime haunting many families across the United States. It is considered one of the most common property crimes in every city, county and state, in addition it college campuses in the United States. Regardless of its popularity, it is still a crime that remains hard to solve. Not only are these criminals not easy to catch in the act, most bike thieves are serial in nature and will carry on committing thefts until they are caught. Additionally, most bike thieves are involved in many other types of crime as well.

My Bike Has Been Stolen, Now What?

With a SNAGG enabled microchip law enforcement has the opportunity to catch the thief and return your bicycle to its rightful owner. Without a SNAGG microchip a stolen bicycle most likely will end up being stripped for parts, or sold out of town in a different location away from where the bicycle was reported stolen. In addition smart thieves eliminate serial numbers placed on by bicycle manufactures, making it nearly impossible for recovery.

SNAGG Theft Tracking System is a completely self-contained tracking system, that always police in every county in the United States to scan the cycle and return it to its rightful owner

Equip your Bike with a SNAGG Microchip: Installation Video

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