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Installation Support

There are a number of things to remember when installing the Snagg microchip. Creativity is key, you want to hide the chip and conceal it so it cannot be found or removed. This hidden serial number can be easily scanned through wood, plastic, carbon fiber, cloth, or most any other material except metal. The chip cannot be completely concealed in metal, it is a radio wave signal and must escape through non-metallic materials.

Installation Videos
Musical Instrument Installation Video

Bicycle Installation Video
Power Tool Installation Video
Gun Installation Video, Hunting Accessories Install
TV/Speakers/Electronics Installation Video
Antique Installation Video

Contact Customer Support:

Time is of the essence! If your SNAGG-equipped property is lost or stolen, we urge you to report the theft or loss as soon as possible to your local police department. Once you have reported the theft to police, you should notify us, including the investigating officer’s contact information and incident number.

1. Reporting using this web site:
To report a theft or loss, log on to your SNAGG account, select the item that was stolen from your asset list then report the theft directly by clicking the "Theft" button. Enter all necessary information about the event (date, time, location, police case number, officer to contact, etc...). Don't forget to forward the police report to SNAGG, if available.

2. Reporting by e-mail or phone:
You may also report theft/loss by e-mail of phone. Please don't forget to forward police reports if available. Click here to e-mail your theft report or call 855-44-SNAGG

What happens next?
When you report a theft, your asset is automatically placed in our "Hot List". Our Hot List is reported to countless online databases to increase your odds of recovery. The pawn shop software and recovery systems will trigger a notification to authorities even if your item shows up thousands of miles away.

When your prized property is missing, every second counts. SNAGG is dedicated to help you manage the theft reporting process and follow up in order to maximize your chances of recovering your property.

Contact: SNAGG Customer Service or 855-44-SNAGG

The SNAGG web site has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Should you have any question or issue with the web site, please contact our friendly, US-based customer support and they'll do the best they can to help you.

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