Houston Property Recovery Includes More Than Just A Snagg Protected Guitar

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Snagg was able to recover yet another Carvin Bass Guitar for one of our valued customers. PLUS Police were able to recover more items, one of which was never even reported stolen!

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Date:                       3/20/2013

Contact:                  Brian Schuh

                                Chief Information Officer, Snagg.com



Houston Property Recovery Includes More Than Just Snagg Protected Guitar!

                On the evening of January 19th 2013, Snagg.com CIO Brian Schuh received a call reporting a theft from a musician in Houston Texas. The theft included a Carvin bass guitar protected by Snagg from the factory, among other valuable items stolen at the same time. Snagg quickly relayed important detailed recovery information to the owner so he could pass it along to the investigating officer.

                Snagg immediately went to work beginning their processes for recovery. After a number of conversations with partners, police and the victim, Snagg was confident all information had been relayed to assist in an efficient recovery. After a few short weeks Snagg was informed there may be a hit on the guitar. Through the use of efficient technology, Houston Police Department was able to positively identify the Bass guitar, locating it at a local pawn shop and scanning it.  

Once the item was identified, it was quickly realized that there may be more to the story. They were able to learn that a number of other items that were stolen from the victim were also present in the shop inventory. Houston Police Department was able to identify another guitar as well as a trumpet the victim didn’t even realize was missing. “I was amazed to learn that once my Snagg protected guitar was recovered, police were able to identify additional items pawned I didn’t even realize had been stolen,” explains the victim, Mark S. from Houston.

Snagg proved once again how powerful a tiny microchip can be. The chip can help recover property that wasn’t even protected by Snagg. The partner databases and automated recovery system is always being improved to recover more property. Mark is another happy customer having gotten enormous value out of a product that was included in his bass guitar from the Carvin factory. Snagg takes great pride in knowing that the ever improving theft recovery has helped generate yet another positive outcome for one of our customers.

The thief is awaiting trial and hopefully will lead authorities to the rest of the stolen property. Either way Snagg’s system is on the lookout for the rest of Mark’s items as a courtesy. Pictured to the right is a picture of this precious Bass guitar that will shortly be back in the arms of its rightful owner. Thanks to technology and the hard work of a team of dedicated partners, this guitar will shine once again. 


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