Duluth and Superior Businesses Help People Get Stolen Property Back

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Three Local Businesses Help Police Return Stolen Property to Their Owners

in Duluth, Minnesota and Superioir, Wisconsin

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Date:               October 12, 2012

Contact:           Brian Schuh

                        CIO – Snagg, LLC

                        (920) 740-7286



Superior, WI – October 12, 2012 –Three local businesses are doing their part to help combat theft and let people get their property back if it is lost or stolen. Superior Shooters Supply and Twin Ports Cyclrey in Duluth are now offering Snagg services to their customers. This one-time install will protect the customer’s asset for the life of the item. The Kitchen restaurant in Superior and Twin Ports Cyclrey are donating RFID scanners to Superior and Duluth Police Departments, respectively. These handheld scanners will not only scan Snagg protected items, but can also be used by local police to scan stray pets to return either of these priceless items.

“Individuals and businesses are affected daily by theft and loss. Taking the right steps early can greatly increase the odds of police recovering your items down the road.” Explains retired Superior Police officer John Kinsley.

Snagg microchips are the size of a grain of rice and can be concealed in almost anything like tools, firearms, bicycles, instruments and more.  Once a microchip is installed, the owner registers their asset’s information on Snagg’s website www.snagg.com. When an owner reports a stolen item, Snagg alerts their nationwide network of pawn shops and law enforcement of the loss.  Police can then use scanners (like the ones being donated) to identify the item’s owner and return the item.

Teresa and Ed Flood from The Kitchen restaurant have seen theft cases shake out right in their restaurant. Owners of stolen property cannot prove they own the item in questions. Ed explains “Construction theft is something you hear about every day; these companies need a place to turn. Snagg is that answer.”

Twin Ports Cyclrey and Shooters Supply have both witnessed theft first hand. Shooters Supply was robbed earlier this year. Twin Ports Cyclrey has had many customers ask them for help in recovering property that had been stolen. Both companies recognize regular serial numbers are not as effective as a hidden electronic ID. They are both happy to be offering the added level of comfort for their customers.


About Snagg

Snagg is a nationwide theft prevention and recovery microchip system that uses one of the most powerful databases in the world to match unique microchip IDs to an owner. If a product is lost or stolen, law enforcement can use the same technology used to return millions of pets to their owners to find the owner of the recovered asset. With over 400,000 scanners available nationwide, law enforcement is accustomed to using the technology on a regular basis. Snagg has exceeded a 35% recovery rate of lost items, truly making police departments’ jobs easier and more effective.

For more information about Snagg and the scanner donations, please contact Brian Schuh at (920) 740-7286 or brian@snagg.com





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