Musical Instrument Property Protection and Security

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People’s Instruments are more than just their tools or toys. They are their babies, practically an extension of their arms. When an instrument is removed from the rightful owner, the loss is felt by all, as the music cannot be heard by anyone.

People often travel with their musical equipment to allow others to enjoy their talents. This exposes these priceless possessions to more prying eyes and mischievous environments. If you have not already experienced a loss, it is almost inevitable you will hear of another’s unfortunate experience that could have just as easily been you.

Snagg provides the best odds (35%) in the industry of getting your valuables back if they are ever lost or stolen. The chip is so small they can be easily concealed inside hidden cavities so modification of your instrument may not be necessary. Chips can be installed on your instruments, accessories, or other gear.

Snagg Installation Video: How To Install Snagg Chip on an Instrument

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