SNAGG Frequently Asked Questions

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Snagg GPS FAQ's (Click Here For Microchip FAQ's)

What is the Snagg GPS Service?

                Snagg’s GPS Tracking units can be covertly installed into valuable items, concealed in loved one’s bags or clothing, or even used to transmit important electronic  information back to our server. Our server then interpets the data and places a dot on a map anywhere in the world to allow law enforcement to locate and recover pricesless items that may have been lost otherwise.

What is the Snagg GPS Service Used For?

                The GPS devices are small enough to be concealed in countless different applications. People can install them in their cars, equipment, tools, instruments or sporting goods. They can be affixed to loved ones, pets or other animals on the move. Manufacturers can install them in valuable equipment or their cases to prevent theft and set their brand apart. Companies can install them on copmany vehicles or equipment to increase productivity and add directly to the company's bottom line. Print the history of where your items have been, and share maps on Facebook of adventures you have experienced. Police departments have used the Snagg GPS service for "Bait Bike" applications and the press has even used them for investigative reports of different kinds. 

How exactly does the GPS service work?

                Snagg’s GPS units wake up at a designated interval and triangulate their location anywhere in the world using satellite signals. Then the units use a partnership network of over 500 providers in over 175 countries worldwide to transmit pertinent data back to our remote server. The data network works in many places a standard cell phone may not work, because the network requirements to transmit one packet of data is miniscule compared to what is required to make a call or send a text message.

What happens if my item is stolen?

                If your item is stolen, you would first report the theft to your local law enforcement agency. NEVER attempt to locate or recover your items without law enforcement present. Once the report is filed, Snagg can increase reporting frequency remotely and can assign the tracking unit to the investigating officer. Snagg will then work with law enforcement to locate and recover your item.

What is the GPS battery life? What options do I have?


                Battery life is always subject to numerous things, including environment, reporting frequency, and signal strength. The GL200 Unit has the ability to be hard-wired to almost any DC electrical system for automatic recharging and maintnence free operation. Between charges, batter life can last up to 30 days between charges.  The GL500 unit features up a stand-alone three year battery life using deep sleep mode. Snagg recommends replacing theses CR123 batteries if they drop below 40% to give law enforcement ample time to recover your item should it be stolen. 


Snagg Microchip ID FAQ's

What is the SNAGG Microchip?
The SNAGG Microchip is an RFID (radio frequency identification device) microchip; it emits a unique alphanumeric code number when scanned.

The SNAGG chip is buried inside the musical instrument or other valuable asset, and is impossible to remove without destroying the object itself. SNAGG Microchips are designed to fit any musical instrument or valuable asset form factor. They require no power source and have an estimated shelf life of 80+ years. SNAGG microchips are operational between 25F and 125F and are not affected by sealants, epoxy or other chemicals used to enclose them in the body of musical instruments and other valuable assets. SNAGG Microchips are immune to shocks and vibrations and can be used in firearms and power tools or other items exposed to harsh environments. SNAGG Microchips are also impervious to corrosion by salt or sea water.
For more information about RFID technology, visit EPC Global or RFID Journal

Who Has Scanners? Who Needs Them?
The Snagg system relies on the power of the World Wide Web to connect owners with their priceless possessions. When an item is reported stolen, Snagg begins scanning their partner databases for these stolen items based on serial number, model number or other information. We even provide pictures to positively identify your product to pawnshops worldwide. When your item is flagged stolen, a report goes to necessary authorities including all information. The report includes instructions for obtaining a scanner if one is not readily available. Usually police use one of 400,000 standard pet scanners already available nationwide to prove the identity of the owner and return your asset.

Will the microchip affect the sound or playability of my instrument or the appearance of my valuable asset?
No. Not even in the most sensitive acoustic instruments - e.g. violins. Also, SNAGG Microchips can be embedded within valuable assets in a non-destructive way. Even the most delicate piece of art can be fitted with a SNAGG Microchip that will remain all but invisible.

Does the chip require power or batteries?
No, the SNAGG Microchip is active only when scanned and is otherwise inactive.

How much will it cost me to install the chip?
Many musical instruments and other valuable assets already have SNAGG Microchips embedded. Those instruments can be registered for free at the SNAGG website.
The retrofit kits can be purchased at various sources including our online store. Once this kit is purchased, you can install it yourself and register it at no additional charge.
Chips can also be purchased and professionally installed by your trusted local service center. Ask your local Bike Shop, Music Shop, Gunsmith or other vendor to get you Snagg!

How does the Snagg Microchip ID Help Recover Items?
Pawn shops are required by law to report every item they buy. This includes make, model, and serial information that is scanned electronically by our state of the art online database system. This system not only scans pawn shop records, but also scans the FBI NCIC database, Ebay, Craigslist and other online sources. If the item matched our records, a report will go to local police, directing them to scann the Snagg ID to return the item to the rightful owner. 

Why do I need SNAGG Microchip when I have a manufacturer’s serial number on my valuable asset?
SNAGG recovery rate since its inception is over 35% for stolen instruments and other valuable assets. According to police reports, recovery rate of stolen items not equipped with a SNAGG Microchip is less than 1%! If you are among the rare owners who know your musical instrument serial number, you would still need to inform every 2nd Hand Dealer, Pawnshop and Law Enforcement Agency of your loss.

Most law enforcement systems cover a small geographical region. The SNAGG system overcomes this constraint by immediately informing property and recovery investigators that your musical instrument or other asset is lost or stolen. If your musical instrument or other valuable asset is found, it can be positively identified as yours because every SNAGG serial number is unique, and embedded inside your asset. SNAGG uses the power of the Internet, and embedded RFID technology to enable more efficient recovery of lost or stolen assets.

What happens if I move or sell my property?
As a registered SNAGG customer, you can update your contact information and/or transfer ownership on the SNAGG website as often as you like and at no charge. This process guarantees the asset's "chain of ownership" and is invaluable when authenticating rare objects or objects that have acquired special value because they were once owned by a celebrity. Simply click “Transfer” in your asset record and enter the new owner’s email address. A Confirmation email registers the asset to the new owner.

Does SNAGG register music instruments and other assets in college and school districts?
Yes. Theft of musical instrument and other assets is very high in all educational institutions. SNAGG provides volume discounts for large institutional collections in schools, museums, etc. Our asset management system can even provide check out services and integration to current systems.

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