Asset Management

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Snagg has taken the next step forward in theft protection and recovery. We now offer a state of the art RFID asset management system that can manage your construction equipment and tools, IT assets, health care equipment, rental equipment or even your inventory. The Snagg microchip will stop employee theft by holding people accountable and acting a deterrent. The Snagg recovery system backs up each item entered. Our management system allows mid-sized companies to track assets from purchase order through maintenance and eventual disposal. The system can add directly to a company’s bottom line through increased efficiency and elimination of errors.

Easily Installed in Almost Anything of Value

                The tiny microchip is the size of a grain of rice and can easily be installed anywhere. The can be installed in a minute or less in most items and likely cannot be removed without damaging the asset. The embedded electronic ID cannot be damaged like barcodes. With no battery and no upkeep, it automates the process for the entire life of the asset. Learn More Here

Eliminate Theft

                Snagg aims to not only re-unite you with your valuable if they are lost or stolen, but also prevent the theft from happening in the first place. By installing the Snagg microchips, you can rest assured your employees will see the new stickers on their vans and know they are being watched. The system holds employees accountable by allowing you to check items out directly to guardians so you know who to ask. If an item ever does go missing from a job site, many times the item will show up at a local pawn shop and be returned as soon as possible through the Snagg Recovery System.

Electronic Scanning Adds to the Bottom Line

                Companies everywhere are looking for ways to increase efficiency and automate or speed up their processes. A rental company that writes out a paper receipt for each customer wastes an enormous amount of time writing info on the ticket, finding the correct item, having the customer fill out their part, giving them their copy. Then the item may be entered into a log each day, invoiced separately, ticket processed, and so on.  You can see how complicated and time consuming it is at each step to verify certain information, then process and write certain information at each step. You can see the margin for error, just from the customer, and billing perspective, not only the asset and inventory side. The electronic scans are directly entered into a system that is intuitive enough to be tailored to your needs. The system can also export data and interact with any in-house SQL based products.

Track Assets From Purchase Order Through Disposal

                The system allows maintenance departments to keep track of items from initial purchase through the end of the product’s useful life. The system will track maintenance cycles of items and allow you to anticipate repairs or service outages. You can make reservations and assign items to specific locations, buildings, jobsite, or work van. You can check items in and out to guardians or employees or assign them to individual job numbers. The system can be completely tailored to include any data fields required. The reporting is just as intuitive with hundreds of prebuilt reports, or ask for custom views.


Employee theft and general company loss is at an all-time high. Companies are trying to add to their bottom line while serving their customers the best they can. Snagg will take the time to hear what your concerns are and help you develop a solution that fits your needs and budget. We can provide phased rollouts to minimize the burden on your budget as well. Please contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

Snagg's Cloud Based Asset Management system is available for a FREE DEMO!

Our RFID Asset Management Software is FREE for up to 1000 assets!

Please contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

Industries Served

Hospitality / Hotels Government Agencies
Health Care Educational Institutions
IT Assets Military Applications
Animal Tracking Police Departments
Veterinary Practice / Shelter Fire/Rescue Squad
Cleaning / Remediation Non-Profit Organizations
Construction Companies Rental Companies
Sub-Contractors Maintenance Departments
Manufacturing Companies Pawn Industry
Furniture Outlets Seciruty Companies
Movie Prop Houses  


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